The history of Burnett Fundamental Christian Church by Betty Bullock.

In 1952, Rev. Earl and Grace Jones and family moved back to Missouri after a few years of living in California. He began preaching in different neighboring country school houses but was looking for a permanent location to establish a Fundamental Non-Denominational Church. In the few years he was preaching around Dixon, he had made several new friends and renewed old acquaintances and was beginning to get several followers that sought the preaching of the Holy Word and preferred a old fashion type country church.

In 1957 the Dixon School District began to consolidate all the rural schools into Dixon. On June 7, 1958, thirteen different country schools were to be sold to the highest bidder at the Dixon High School. Rev. Earl Jones, Ralph Withers and Robert Withers went to the auction for the purpose of buying the Burnett School. It is likely that others were at this auction who were interested in the school and possibly became members but no mention of their names were given. It had been decided between the three men that they would go as high as $1800. However, Robert commented if Rev. Jones would bid and the district knew it was going to be used for a church, it could possibly be bought cheaper than if bought for personal reasons. When the bidding started, Rev. Jones bid $100. When it was learned that he was planning on using it for a church, the district sold it to him. On June 7, 1958, the Burnett school officially became the Burnett Church and the desks were slowly exchanged for long white wooden benches made by some of the new members. The church began to grow and prosper with devoted Christians and new converts many taking interest and helping out with projects that were necessary to establish Sunday School and Church services. Some of the names on the first record book were: Louie, Tillie and Donnie Alexander, Russell and Mae Baker, Wilburn and Fae Baker, Luther Baker, Glen and Eunice Baker, Naith and Pearl Campbell, Amos and Margaret West, Charles and James, Mike and Evelyn Doyle, Ethel Dake, Dale and Betty Sue, Georgia Humphrey, Virgil and Katie Howser, Arthur and Lucy Jones, Farris and Nina Jones, Robert and Lillie Withers, Ralph Withers, Mary Yoakum, and Earl and Grace Jones and family. Many other names appear on the pages of the first record book under the date of February 7, 1960, which appears to be when the church actually organized.

The elected officers were:

Pastor, Earl Jones; Church Clerk, Mae Baker; Treasurer, Ralph Withers; 

Trustees: Ralph Withers, Paris Claiborn, Russell Baker, Naith Campbell, Stanley Barber;

Deacons: Amos West, Mike Doyel, Russell Baker, Louie Alexander, Farris Jones, Paris Claiborn, Robert Withers; 

Sunday School Supt.: Farris Jones

Teachers: Adult, Jerry Briggs; Intermediate, Ethel Dake; Juniors, Mae Baker; Beginners, Pearl Campbell

It was decided to build a new church building and to use the schoolhouse for extra classrooms and for a place for basket dinners and etc. The building was started in 1960 and in the Board Meeting held May 10, 1961 it was noted to borrow $600 from Amos West to purchase seats for the new church. This addition was dedicated on June 4, 1961.

Records indicate that revivals were held with some of the Evangelists being Wilson Davis, Orvil Best and Bro. Barlow.

In the meeting held October 14, 1962, it was voted to give $50 quarterly for missionary work. Since that time the church has greatly increased it's support for a number of missionaries on a monthly basis and also supports the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Missouri and SAM.

In the meeting of May 3, 1963, a decision was made to drill a well, which turned out to be an artesian well with an abundance of water.

In the meeting held October 8, 1965, it was decided to add on to the new church. Bill Prater was named as Chairman of the building committee, Mike Doyle, Russell Baker and Robert Withers were to get estimates on the building materials, the building was to be 36 x 27 feet with a basement. Sometime in 1975 it was decided to add two more rooms across the back and to put in a baptistery. A second dedication service was held on November 30, 1975 for this addition.

Grace was promoted to heaven in 1995, Earl remained the pastor until 1999 when he was promoted to be with the Lord. They had faithfully served the Lord for over 40 years, not only with this church, but with two churches in Meta, he truly was a ole time circuit riding preacher.